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Avoid Slip & Falls: 4 Winter Walking Tips

Avoid Slip & Falls: 4 Winter Walking Tips

Winter weather can make the outdoors even more treacherous than normal. Ice on the ground makes it easy to lose your balance, and snow makes it difficult to see the black ice. How do you stay safe? We’ve come up with 4 tips and tricks to keep you steady while traveling outdoors.

  1. Walk Slowly When Braving the Elements

Ice causes you to slip due to a lack of traction. One of the best ways to give yourself more traction while walking in winter weather is to step slowly and deliberately. Walking slowly better allows you to keep steady on the ground, and stepping deliberately with a flat foot ensures the maximum area of traction.

  1. Avoid Carrying Things While Walking

Although it puts extra weight in your step, holding things in your arms can leave you unbalanced and can cause you to fall more easily than normal. Try to avoid carrying things while braving the cold, and keep your hands covered and free from your pockets. If you feel unsteady, you can use them to regain balance, or even to help cushion the blow if you fall.

  1. Wearing the Right Shoes

Black ice and snow litter the ground outside during winter storms, so it is important to wear the right footwear. Maximizing the surface area of your shoe helps keep your balance, so avoid wearing heels. Try to wear shoes that have good, thick tread, such as snow boots or work boots. Better tread means you will get better traction while you are walking, which can help you avoid falls.

  1. Stay Alert to Your Surroundings

As cold as you might get, it is never a good idea to impair your vision with a scarf or mask. Doing so makes it even harder to see winter hazards, such as snow or black ice. Keep your eyes and face clear, and stay alert to where you are walking to avoid these winter dangers.

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