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Dog Ownership on the Rise Means a Potential for More Dog Bites

Dog Ownership on the Rise Means a Potential for More Dog Bites

In 2019, there are more dog owners than ever. Even more condos, apartments, and hotels are allowing their residents to have a furry friend. In fact, at the American Veterinary Medical Association has noted that nearly 40% of American households have at least one dog, the highest rate since they began measuring this number back in 1982.

While many are grateful that they get to experience canine companionship if their landlord or superintendent permits pets, there is a sad side of this story often left untold. It probably goes without saying, but this increase in dog ownership means an increase in dog bite cases.

But why? The answer isn’t cut and dry. One thing is certain, though, and it is that any dog can have a behavioral problem if they were not properly socialized as a puppy or has otherwise experienced some form of trauma. 

Are All Dogs Appropriate as Pets?

The unfortunate reality is, many dogs adopted shelters, purchased from a puppy mill, or bought from a breeder can have intense, often unexpected behavioral or mental issues. These issues can wreak havoc on their owner’s lives – and sometimes, the lives of unsuspecting passersby.

In the past 15 years, there has been an uptick in trying to find a home for every dog and avoid euthanasia, even for dogs who have behavioral problems. These dogs are not always a good fit, especially for urban life where many people reside in a big city. These dogs may not be domesticated, and the vast majority of would-be pet owners are ill-equipped to handle their unpredictable, often aggressive behavior.

Internet Ads and Out of State Pets

Some of these dogs are adopted thanks to internet ads where well-meaning individuals see an adorable picture and a bio that may or may not be accurate. These bios may also be written with euphemistic language, such as suggesting the dog is protective of his family. Take careful heed of these advertisements if you are on the search for a new dog friend, as it likely means the dog not just loyal, but aggressive.

Others take a more research-based approach to finding their new pet: A recent article in The Boston Globe reporter that nearly 15,000 dogs come to Massachusetts from out of state every year. Many are flown in to meet their new owners for the first time at the airport.

If You Were Bitten by a Dog, Contact Morgan & Murphy for a Free Consultation

Dog ownership is on the rise, and of course, that means an increase in dog bite cases. If you have been bitten by an aggressive dog and suffered serious injury or infection as a result, we encourage you to reach out to our injury law firm to learn more about how we can help you. Because we work on a contingency fee basis, it means you don’t pay us a dime unless we win your case.

Morgan & Murphy knows dog ownership is a wonderful thing, but that some dogs are simply too aggressive for urban life. If you have experienced a severe dog bite, reach out to our lawyers for help by dialing (508) 966-7254 today or contact us online for a quick response.


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