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People Renting RVs for Summer Road Trips Inadvertently Increase Crash Risks

People Renting RVs for Summer Road Trips Inadvertently Increase Crash Risks

The RV – once called the recreational vehicle but the full name is all but forgotten these days – is a summertime favorite in America. When families want to go on road trips across the country, they can do it in comfort and style thanks to a rented RV. However, the more people who rent RVs, the more likely there will be serious RV accidents on the highways crisscrossing the country.

Dangers of RV Inexperience

When someone rents an RV, they should, ideally, have ample experience and knowledge regarding how to safely drive such a large vehicle. Many RV rental shops actually require renters to prove that they have the experience needed to drive an RV, which usually means a special non-commercial class license. Different states require different licenses to drive an RV, typically a supplementary license beyond just a normal driver’s license. However, in the peak of the summer season when RV rental agencies need to make the majority of their annual sales, regulations can be relaxed, and RVs are sometimes rented to anyone with a license and the money needed to close the rental agreement.

An inexperienced RV driver can cause a crash due to:

  • Poor braking: The size and weight of an RV cause it to come to a stop much slower than a typical passenger vehicle. Braking distances need to be increased significantly to avoid a rear-end accident at intersections or when traffic comes to a sudden stop.
  • Big blind spots: You might have noticed that RVs have large rearview mirrors on each side, which help the driver spot vehicles that otherwise would be unseen as they change lanes, merge, and turn. However, the mirrors can only do so much, and RVs still have large blind spots that can completely hide smaller vehicles. A sudden lane change could cause a crash.
  • Wide turns: RVs are longer than most vehicles, and they do not have a hinge-point like commercial big rigs. The result is that an RV will drag itself into adjacent lanes when turning, especially at intersections where the turns form a right angle. Any cars in the adjacent lane can be sideswiped by the RV as it turns.
  • Loose luggage: People often like to strap their luggage on top of their RV to maximize the space inside for rest and relaxation while on the road. If they are not careful when securing luggage, though, then it can fall into the road, especially during turns or when hitting bumps and collide with any drivers behind them.

Be Safe When You Rent an RV

Are you thinking of renting an RV yourself for a bit of summer fun? Please prioritize your safety and that of other people on the road by making certain you are ready to drive such a large vehicle. Check with your local DMV and ensure you have the proper license required to drive an RV. You should also research the road rules of any other states you are going to visit on your road trip. They might have specific rules that will help reduce the chances of a crash if you follow them.

From all of us at Morgan & Murphy, LLP in New Bedford, we wish you and your family a fun, safe summer road trip. In case you get into an accident caused by another driver in Massachusetts, call us at (508) 966-7254 right away. We can help you build an injury claim that pursues maximum compensation from the liable party.


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