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Being injured on the job can place considerable strain on workers and their families. From painful injuries and recoveries that keep them out of work to rising medical bills and financial fears, the consequences of a work-related accident are far-reaching. Fortunately, many injured workers in Massachusetts have the ability to seek benefits for medical treatment, wage replacement, and more through workers’ compensation – although the process is far from easy.

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At Morgan & Murphy, LLP our legal team has focused exclusively on fighting for injured victims and workers for over 35 years. We know how work-related injuries can jeopardize the well-being of our clients, as well as the challenges they face when fighting for fair and timely benefits in the workers’ compensation system. By leveraging our experience and insight into the workers’ comp process, we assist clients in applying for needed benefits, or appealing claims that have been denied or underpaid.

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Understanding Workers’ Compensation

By law, most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to help workers who suffer injuries or illnesses while performing work-related duties. Workers’ compensation benefits can provide needed medical benefits, wage supplementation, vocational rehabilitation, and other benefits when workers suffer traumatic injuries, repetitive stress injuries, or work-related illnesses that prevent them from working. These benefits may vary depending on the nature and severity of an injury or illness, as well as how it impacts a victim’s ability to work.

For example, workers’ comp benefits are available for:

  • Temporary Total Disability
  • Partial Disability
  • Permanent and Total Disability
  • Surviving Spouses (in cases of fatal accidents)

As a form of no-fault insurance, workers’ compensation is available to workers no matter who is at fault for their injuries – as long as their injuries or illnesses result from work-related duties. Though these benefits are available, the workers’ compensation process is known for being difficult, especially when workers are struggling with injuries and the strains they create. That’s due to unfamiliar laws, numerous requirements, the need for extensive documentation, and other procedural hurdles that can compromise a worker’s ability to secure the fair and timely benefits they need.

By working with an attorney skilled in this area of law, you can gain the support and representation needed to ensure you’re taking the right steps and that you file a successful workers’ comp claim the first time around. This includes having help with understanding requirements, accumulating the proper documentation and evidence, and meeting deadlines. If your claim has already been denied, or if you do not agree with a determination made in your case, you have the right to appeal. Our attorneys can evaluate your particular situation to help you understand whether any mistakes were made in an initial application or denials were made in error, as well as how we can fight to protect your right.

Third Party Liability

Although workers’ compensation is a crucial source of medical and financial assistance, it does not take negligence into account. If the negligence of a third party (not your employer) did lead to your accident and injuries, you may have the right to pursue compensation outside of the workers’ comp system by filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit in civil court. Personal injury claims require victims to prove a defendant was negligent in causing preventable harm, and that they are liable for resulting damages, including economic and non-economic damages not typically recoverable in workers’ comp cases.

Third party liability cases may involve:

  • Negligent contractors who cause preventable accidents
  • Negligent property owners who failed to address potential hazards
  • Truck or motor vehicle accidents involving drivers and companies other than your employer
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Defective or unsafe products, machinery, and equipment

Our firm can help you understand if third party liability played a role in your accident, and assist you in taking the most appropriate steps toward a fair recovery.

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Time is a very critical factor after a workplace injury or illness, as workers’ compensation has strict reporting and procedural deadlines. Get started on the right foot or address a denial or disputed decision by immediately seeking the help of Plymouth workers’ compensation lawyers who never quit in fighting for our clients.

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