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  • $400,000.00
    Workers' Compensation $400,000 Global settlement in a work related fall from a roof. We represented the injured plaintiff in both the workers compensation claim and the negligence claim. Medical bills and lost wages were into the 6 figures and we obtained a settlement with a 95% reduction in the workers compensation lien.
  • $400,000.00
    Workers' Compensation $400,000 Settlement of a combined workers compensation and third party slip and fall claim. The injured employee underwent several surgeries and it was questionable as to whether she would ever work again. We successfully pursued a claim against the store where the slip and fall occurred and then we were able to have the workers compensation insurer waive their lien, thereby maximizing the amount our client received.
  • $360,000.00
    Workers' Compensation $360,000 Combined mediation award and workers compensation settlement. Our client was injured in a work related car accident. We were able to achieve excellent results at the mediation against the auto insurer and then subsequently settle the workers compensation case a year later. The client still has rights to payment of future medical expenses in accordance with the workers compensation statute.
  • $275,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $275,000 Settlement of a workers compensation claim for a widow whose husband suffered a heart attack while at work. He died 14 months later. We were able to establish the causal relationship between the injury and the heart attack and subsequent death.
  • $242,000.00
    Combined Workers' Compensation & Third Party Negligence A combined workers' compensation settlement for a 62-year-old woman who fell down a staircase at a home she was visiting while in the scope of her employment. Our client was inspecting a customer’s property when she fell down a staircase that had no railings. She reinjured a knee that had recently undergone a total knee replacement. We were able to get the workers' comp insurer to pay for a second total knee revision and accept liability for future knee surgeries. We were able to prove to the homeowner's insurance company that this was a new aggravation of a prior knee problem and that their insured was negligent in not ensuring that the staircase was safe for business invitees. The workers' compensation case settled first and the third party negligence claim settled a few weeks later. The workers' compensation insurer agreed to a reduced lien.
  • $240,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $240,000 Workers compensation settlement for a 61 year old man who was permanently and totally unable to perform his job. The insurance company had defended this case by saying that the client's disability was all related to pre-existing arthritis. We were able to prove that his disability was related to his injury and he received the proceeds of the settlement plus social security disability benefits.
  • $225,000.00
    Workers' Compensation $225,000 Settlement of a workers compensation claim in which the employee suffered a disc herniation and underwent fusion of the lumbar spine. The treating physician found the employee permanently and totally disabled.
  • $175,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $175,000 Workers compensation settlement to an injured employee who suffered bilateral knee fractures and a compression fracture of the cervical spine after falling from an aerial lift. The injured worker was capable of performing light duty work after settlement.
  • $175,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $175,000 Mediation settlement for a severe laceration of the plaintiff's lower leg which occurred when he used a power tool that had allegedly been modified by the owner prior to the use by the plaintiff.
  • $175,000.00
    Workers' Compensation

    $175,000 workers compensation settlement for a 63 year old truck driver who injured his knee. His other knee became symptomatic due to overuse and we were able to get the insurance company to accept liability for both knees. The settlement represents payments well beyond our client’s 65th birthday and leaves his medical open forever for any future, related medical expenses.

  • $175,000.00
    Worker's Compensation

    $175,000 workers' compensation settlement for a 60 year old truck driver who underwent bilateral knee surgery. Our client was unable to return to work in his prior capacity and we settled his case for an amount which exceeded the benefits provided under the statute while leaving his future medical benefits for both knees open and the insurance company’s responsibility!

  • $150,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation

    $150,000.00 workers compensation settlement for a 62 year old registered nurse who broke her ankle while descending a set of stairs at work. After 2 surgeries, the hospital would not provide light duty work and negotiated a settlement that paid her for several years to come. She was also able to collect her Social Security benefits.

  • $130,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $130,000 Settlement during trial in Superior Court. The client sustained 2 broken ribs and a fractured clavicle which required surgery. He lost very little time from work and was able to return to the same job. The workers compensation insurance company reduced its lien.
  • $125,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation

    $125,000.00 combined workers compensation and third party slip & fallclaim for a 58 year old van driver who slipped and fell on untreated ice while driving special needs clients to a closed workshop. Our client underwent shoulder surgery as a direct result of this injury.

  • $120,000.00
    Work-Related Concussion

    A settlement to an injured office worker who sustained a work-related concussion. The treating physician supported the extent of our client’s disability however the insurer’s doctor and the court impartial examiner both cast doubts on the validity of the work-related symptoms. We were able to negotiate this settlement prior to the administrative hearing.

  • 114,000
    Workers' Compensation Our 62-year-old client formerly worked as a union carpenter. She had both knees replaced due to this accident.  She was permanently unable to return to this type of employment.  The employer offered a light-duty job which amounted to “make work”. The employer had the employee sitting in a trailer all day.  She had no job duties and played games on her phone.  She found this demeaning.  Work is generally defined as activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result. A judge agreed and we were able to get her weekly compensation benefits reinstated and then settle the case for 6 figures.
  • $80,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation

    $80,000.00 workers compensation settlement for a truck driver who suffered a leg injury and developed cellulitis and venous stasis dermatitus.

  • 70,000
    Workers' Compensation Our client, a 49 year old EMT, sustained an injury while lifting a patient. The insurance company fought hard to stop paying this man, but we were able to prove continuing disability, get his medical expenses paid and net him a 5 figure settlement.
  • $65,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $65,000 Workers compensation settlement for a 23 year employee of a company who alleged that all of his back pain was related to degenerative disc disease.
  • $52,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $52,000 Settlement in a workers compensation case where our client was partially disabled due to a chemical exposure.
  • $50,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $50,000 Settlement for a factory worker diagnosed with a work related exposure to chemicals in the factory. The insurer refused to pay voluntarily and we later successfully proved the causal connection between the factory environment and the illness.
  • $50,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation

    $50,000.00 worker's compensation settlement for a 70 year old truck driver who suffered a seizure due to the effects of extreme heat in the cab of the truck. After obtaining weekly workers compensation benefits for him at a conference at the Department of Industrial Accidents, we were able to get Medicare to waive its lien on his claim.

  • $50,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $50,000 Settlement of a workers compensation claim where the client had shoulder surgery. The insurer argued unsuccessfully that because our client did not tell his employer of a prior injury to the same shoulder, he was not entitled to any workers compensation benefits.
  • $31,000.00
    Worker’s Compensation $31,000 Retroactive Social Security Disability award for a 45 year old man who proved his dermatitis kept him from performing substantial work.

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